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Testimonials from my clients

Mr. Bill Haskins executed in an exemplary manner the sale of our former residence in Pacifica and the acquisition of our present abode in So. San Francisco. He attained a premium price for the property in Pacifica on a primarily stagnant market. Negotiations for the property on Stonegate were difficult in the least, trying in the MOST! Bill, "stressed to the MAX" by an uncooperative seller made every effort to spare us the least discomfort in an extremely onerous transaction. The man is a fish in waters he knows and loves. Perhaps, there exists a more knowledgeable representative in realty matters; but, I cannot conceive the whereabouts of such an individual. Bill is a true Realtor, your representative, either as buyer or seller.

John and Andree Parker
South San Francisco

Bill...Our expectations were exceeded! Accepted offer in 3 weeks after listing. Closed escrow in 45 days. Start to finish in just over 2 months. Very satisfied with the selling price. Thank you very much!

Brett and Mary Hanville
Pacifica CA

Much thanks for all your hard work and long hours and, of course, your expert help in selling our property. We greatly appreciate all you did to close our deal!

Pacifica, CA

Congratulations on your recent Circle of Excellence Award. It is obvious that you have made a real commitment of time, energy and personal service in order to achieve this level of success in a very competitive business.

We at Real Estate Funding Service would like to pass along our plaudits and best wishes for continued success. We too have made these commitments and would like to offer our assistance in helping you maintain and even surpass your outstanding performance. We would like the opportunity to provide financing on your future sales. Again, Congratulations!

Real Estate Funding Service Incorporated
Half Moon Bay, CA

Our hearty congratulations on obtaining the prized CRB designation. We are respectful of the time spent to accomplish this goal and recognize the value you and your agents will surely gain by your efforts.

Professionalism is vital to the entire real estate industry. Thank you for being part of the Team.

Best wishes for your great success.

Sincerely, Richard C. Purvis

Richard C. Purvis Regional Director
Palos Verdes, CA

Bill- Thanks for all your help selling our Driftwood Circle home! Enjoy-- Pamela, Jake, & Shannon

Pamela Lindstrom
Hillsborough, CA

Bill, Thank you for finding us a home; we are SO HAPPY to have it! We appreciated all of your hard work. Many thanks. Love, Nichole and Brandon P.S. See you around town neighbor :)

Brandon and Nichole Balsells
Pacifica, CA


Dear Bill: I couldn't have done it without you! Thanks so much for the "heads up" on 16 Driftwood Ct. I know that my buyers Irene and Craig will make great neighbors. I hope you enjoy the gift certificate to Hawthorne Lane and enjoy a great night out!

Susan- Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Susan Wang-Realtor
San Mateo, CA

Bill: Job well done in selling our home on Alicante! We'll miss the beach, but we're ready to move on. I'm sure we'll be back to visit often. Hope you enjoy our gift! Gigi and Rod Young

Gigi and Rod Young
Elk Grove, CA

Thank you very much for your generous donation toward the inaugural Pacific Coast Fog Fest Marching Band Competition.

Your gift enabled us to pay for all of the trophies and defer expenses for our judging staff.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.


Benjamin E. Latham Band Competition Co-Chair

Benjamin E. Latham
Pacifica, CA

Dear Bill: On behalf of the Pacifica School District, I would like to thank you for your generous contribution in support of the Marching Band Competition at the Pacifica Fog Fest this year. Your contribution of $500 helped immensely in making the competition a reality. Our instrumental music teachers, Ben Latham andJerry Downs, band parents and students donated countless hours to make this competition an exciting event for the Fog Fest. However, without your sponsorship the band competition could not have happened. As you know, the arts are a personal priority. The Board of Trustees has made the Visual and Performing Arts a district priority as well through the Strategic Plan. The marching bands are living proof that we are moving forward in supporting music in our community.

You are appreciated!


Michele Garside, Ph. D. Superintendent



Sincere Appreciation

We are mostly unpacked, and meeting new neighbors. Finally got the washer and dryer last Weds. No window coverings yet; we get up at 6AM, shower & dress early!

You are appreciated mor than you realize.

Thank You

Lincoln, CA

Thank you Bill for handling the sale of our Vallemar lot.

Tom & Joan


Hi Bill, Thanks for everything. I can't believe it finally happened and with so little hassle and least from my end. I'll send you a check for the junk dump today. There was a key to open the garage if the power went out. The mechanism broke and a friend was going to repair it, but I don't think he ever got around to it. I can give him a call when I get back to town on Monday. We are leaving for a short car trip today. My brother is here and these are his last few days of vacation. Thanks again. It was great working with you. You made the whole process painless. Wishing you good health,


GREECE 10/04/2007

Wire just hit our bank account.

Thank you very much Bill - There is a reason you are the best - You do everything the right way at all costs and I have enjoyed working with you each & every time.

All The Best


Kelly and Marisela Martinez on the sale of their home
Moss Beach, CA February 6, 2015

Dear Bill Haskins,

I don't know if you remember us, Patrick & Becky Queen. 38 years ago we met with you to talk about buying a home in Pacifica. We had been married one year, hardly made any money at all, mortgage interest rates were over 10%. You convinced us to make an offer on a 600 square foot townhouse on Lerida way. The owner had lived in it for only 6 months and had to move. It was $ 53,000 and had an assumable 8.5% loan. It was the cheapest home on the market, but we absolutely did not qualify. You stated that we could assume the loan without qualifying.

Our friends and neighbors all said we should wait, save more money, the market is in a bubble, prices will come down, etc. You advised us to move quickly as you felt the market was about to explode. We are so glad that we took your advice. When we sold the place 18 months later at a 40% profit, we were well on our way to enjoy real estate ownership the rest of our lives. We would never have been able to buy our first home if we had not benefited from that first purchase. It changed our lives. Last year we purchased our 15th property. We are celebrating our 40th anniversary this year. Real estate profits have contributed to at lease one third of our assets. I am not far from retirement and I am grateful that we will be in good shape financially when we finally retire, partly (or maybe entirely) due to that cute little starter townhouse that would never have bought if we had not met you. I see in the ratings that you are one of the most successful realtors, still doing your thing in Pacifica, good for you.

Thank you and best wishes,

Patrick Queen

Houston TX

Patrick and Becky Queen
Houston, TX (currently)

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